Gutter Pro Calgary offers both 5 & 6 inch eavestroughs/gutters. 5 inch eavestroughs are commonly used and well suited for today’s residential needs. However, our 6 inch eavestroughs provide a better solution for larger roofs, as it can handle larger amounts of water.

Types of Gutters Available

At Gutter Pro Exteriors, we carry many high-quality gutters systems! If you’re looking for a unique look, we offer complete custom gutter system design — done on site! We offer a variety of different colour options for you to choose from. The cost of gutters depends on the style, materials and project size. If you would like to know how much your new gutters will cost, please contact us for a free quote.

5 inch colonial gutter

K-Style Gutter

5 inch

5” K-Style (or Colonial) has been around for over 40 years and is the most common style of gutter for residential use. Its traditional yet versatile look makes it compatible with a lot of Calgary homes. In addition, its wide 3.1″ bottom accommodates a large flush mount outlet and its curved shape makes it both functional and durable.

Super 5 Crown Mould Fascia Gutter

Super 5 Crown Mould Fascia Gutter

5 inch

Super 5 Crown Mould Fascia Gutter combines two elements: (1) Larger capacity. This 5″ gutter boasts a greater depth while maintaining a wide bottom. (2) Enhanced appearance. This gutter is designed to resemble the beautiful outer appearance of crown moulding. These two elements combined make it a great choice as it not only enhances the appearance of your home but also increases your gutters ability to drain larger amounts of water.

K-Style Gutter

6 inch

6″ K-Style (or Colonial) gutter is our largest gutter which provides the maximum water capacity of all our continuous gutter systems making it a popular choice for commercial use. However, with its classic look it’s well fitted for both commercial and residential applications where maximum drainage is required.

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